3 - 5 Phreatomagmatic eruption

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The first eruption on 17 November 1990, was a phreatic eruption at both of Jigokuato and Kujukushima craters. The eruption had once declined, but the new Byobuiwa craters appeared at the south edge of the Jigokuato crater on 12 February of the next year, and a large amount of ash was emitted. In April, the eruption became heavier and heavier. Then it transferred to the stage of phreatomagmatic eruption.

The position of craters at the beginning of the eruption
Cracks appeared just before the lava extrusion. In each crater were made many holes, which were later joined together except a few.

The first eruption
On 17 November 1990, the eruption began at Jigokuato (left) and Kujukushima (right) craters. A lot of debris containing water was emitted.

A new eruption
On 12 December 1991, a new eruption occurred at the new Byobuiwa craters with a lot of volcanic ash.

Fugen Shrine thickly covered with volcanic ash
The new eruption occurred just behind Fugen Shrine, which is now buried deep under a lava dome.

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