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Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory

The Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory is located in the picturesque national park area of Amakusa Shimoshima Island on the western coast of Kyushu, about 120 km to the south-west of Fukuoka. Established in 1928, the laboratory has played a significant role in promoting research and education in marine biology and ecology at regional, national and international levels. The laboratory is equipped with three research vessels, a research vehicle (4WD), marine and freshwater facilities, research and field-course accommodation (max. 30 persons) and a small library. The scope of research in the laboratory has been widened to cover community ecology in general, encompassing not only marine but freshwater and terrestrial systems. Staff and postgraduate students conduct research in and around Amakusa, Yakushima, Okinawa, Indonesia, Fiji, Britain and South America. The laboratory always has a number of foreign students and all graduate seminars are conducted in English.

Coral-feeding spot-nape butteflyfish Chaetodon oxycephalus. From research on coral reef fish assemblages in Indonesia (photo: M.Tokeshi)
Colour variation in a coral-inhabiting polychaete Spirobranchus giganteus. Amakusa-Shimoshima Island (photo: M.Tokeshi)