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Institute of Seismology and Volcanology

The Institute of Seismology and Volcanology (SEVO) was established in April 2000 to undertake earthquake prediction research in Kyushu and to study volcanoes in Japan, especially Mt. Unzen. SEVO was created out of the Shimabara Volcano Observatory that had been established in April 1971. The Institute is equipped with a seismic network of twenty-four telemetered stations and many temporary stations, global positioning systems (GPSs), correlation spectrometers (COSPECs) for the remote sensing measurement of volcanic plumes, and apparatus for geochemical analyses and data processing systems. Further, the Institute pursues research into the prediction of earthquakes, eruption mechanisms and magmatic activity. The research programs cover a broad range including volcanic and tectonic earthquakes, ground deformations, hot springs, volcanic gases and any resulting disasters. The Institute has also become a center for studying the tectonics of the Kyushu-Ryukyu Arc, with back-arc tectonics being a principal area of specialization within the institute's program of research.