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Environmental Radiochemistry

  • SUGIHARA Shinji§, Associate Professor
  • § Central Institute of Radioisotope Science and Safety Management
Our group studies on environmental behavior of radionuclides in relation to chemistry and development of analytical procedure for radionuclides in the environment.
Resent Research Topics
  1. Environmental behavior studies of the radioactive isotope of hydrogen: “Tritium”
  2. Environmental behavior studies of the radioactivity released into the environment due to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident.
  3. U-series dating of speleothems in limestone caves.

Annual Ring of Cedar Project in Fukushima

  1. River water in minamisoma city

    2–3 Bq/L at April, 2011
    < 1 Bq /L After December 2011

  2. OBT of pine needle

    High concentration just after accident

  3. OBT of tree ring

    OBT in the annual ring holds a record of accident.