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Structural Organic Chemistry

  • TANI Fumito, Associate Professor ◎
  • GOTO Kenta, Assistant Professor ◎
  • ◎ Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering
  1. Synthesis and function of supramolecular structures based on organic p-electron compounds.
  2. Photoinduced electron transfer and high charge mobility in porphyrin-fullerene supramolecules.
  3. Synthesis and photoelectronic properties of novel polycyclic p-electron compounds.
  4. Photomechanical effect and photochemical reaction of aromatic diimides.
Figure 1. Self-assembled porphyrin nanotube including linear array of fullerene C60.

Keywords: supramolecular assembly, p-electronic systems, porphyrins, fullerenes, photoinduced electron transfer, aromatic diimides, photomechanical effect, NIR-dye, two-photon absorption, organic semiconductor

Figure 2. Color change and crystal bending of naphthalene diimide upon photo-irradiation.