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イベント名 第4回地球惑星科学談話会
Anomalies are Normal: Our Experiences Building Spaceflight Capacity at National Central University
イベント種類 セミナー
講演者(講師) Loren Chang (Professor, National Central University, Taiwan)
イベント詳細 Over the past two decades, the growing maturity of small satellites have made space more accessible to educational institutions, as well as small and medium enterprises. They have also demonstrated their scientific value, contributing to distributed arrays of small instruments, as well as a method for introducing students to systems engineering, as well as the real effects of the space environment on spaceflight applications. In this talk, I will share our experiences and lessons learned from our first small satellite missions: IDEASSat (Ionospheric Dynamics Explorer and Attitude Subsystem Satellite), a 3U CubeSat developed in house, as well as INSPIRESat-1, a 9U smallsat built in collaboration with institutions in the US and India. Planned and unplanned learning experiences in technology and program management will be shared, as well as how anomalous outcomes led us to jump aboard a commercial lunar ride share opportunity. The coming decade offers more flight opportunities and expansion of the ride share model out of Low Earth Orbit. It will be interesting for the scientific community to consider how these new opportunities can be utilized.
対象 教職員向け 在学生向け
使用言語 英語
開催期間 2023年12月6日 17:00 〜 18:00
地球惑星科学講義室 D209
定員 なし
申込み方法 事前申込み不要
地球惑星科学部門 望月崇