Opening address for the exhibition,
"The eruption of Unzen Volcano and its Background"

by the President of Kyushu University,

Mt. Fugen of Unzen Volcano suddenly burst into eruption on 17 November 1990, after 198 years of quiescence. It presented varied aspects of volcanic activities, the successive extrusion of lava, the growth of lava domes, the large-scale pyroclastic flows and the debris flows occurred frequently. This volcanic eruption caused serious disaster and great havoc of wealthy land and peaceful life in the Shimabara area, including the lives of 44 people. Considering the scale of the eruption, we can say that this is the largest eruption in several thousands years.
Many scientists in Kyushu University, especially from Shimabara Earthquake and Volcano Observatory, in cooperation with other scientists from all over Japan, collected a huge amount of information and data concerning the eruption during the period from the precursory phenomena through the cease of movement of magma.
In order to publish a part of these data to the city people and to attract their attention to geohazard, we here open this exhibition. This is one of the trials to show the past, the present and the future of the high-level researches in Kyushu University. I cordially hope you to enjoy this exhibition.
The President of Kyushu University Yoichi SUGIOKA

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