3 - 11 Growth and collapse of lava dome
(Period 2)

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The activity of Mt. Fugen had once declined at the end of 1992. However it was activated again in February, 1993 and new lava domes grew, which collapsed to cause frequent pyroclastic flows.

Lava lobe #10
A typical crown-type lobe grown from 2 Feb. (20 Feb. 1993)
Lava lobe #11-A
A typical tongue-type lobe grown from 17 Mar. (1 Jun. 1993)
Ash cloud attacked the Senbongi area of the Shimabara City on 24 Jun. 1993
(24 Jun. 1993)
Senbongi Area of the Shimabara City were in flames by the pyroclastic flow on 24 June.
(24 Jun. 1993)
The large pyroclastic flow went over Rout 57.
On 26 June and 19 July 1993, the pyroclastic flows went over Rout 57 that is 5.5km far from the crater. (26 Jun. 1993)
Lava lobe #11-B

After the large-scale collapse of #11-A in June, a new lobe, #11-B, started its growth. (29 Aug. 1993)

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