3 - 12 Area of the large pyroclastic flow
(Period 2)

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The lava lobe #11-A grown in slightly north-east direction started to collapse in large-scale on 21 May 1993. The pyroclastic flows thereby attacked the Senbongi area, the Shimabara City, and brought about a large amount of damage on that area. It also hit the Annaka area on the east side. It went over Rout 57 on 26 June and 19 July, but additional damages were not given because the area had completely been destroyed by former debris flows.

The distribution of pyroclastic flow deposits (mountain-side) and debris flow deposits (sea-side)
They are scattered over from the east flank of Mt. Fugen to the Annaka area. On the right-hand side is the Shimabara City area. (24 Jul. 1993)
The pyroclastic flow deposits distributed over the north-east flank of Mt. Fugen and the Senbongi area
(24 Jul. 1993)

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