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The new lava dome stopped growing in February, 1995. The dome was named "Heisei Shinzan" (Heisei New-Mountain).
Sketch of the lava dome
The lava dome is about 800m in north-south width, and about 1,200m in east-west. It is about 240m in height from the bottom of the original Jigokuato Crater. The top of the dome thereby became about 130m higher than that of Mt. Fugen (Fugendake).
South-east view of the lava dome
The clastic lava mound is on the left-hand side, and the lobe #11-B hangs on the right-hand side. (16 Nov. 1995)
The top part of the clastic lava mound
As the lava spine rising up, the top part of the dome was expanded out to be basin-like. (16 Nov. 1995)
Lobe #11-B viewed from the eastern foot of Mt. Fugen
(28 Nov. 1996)

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